You don’t have to be a professional welder to be able to create useful items to use around the house, in the yard or even on the streets. Someone with just a beginner’s level of knowledge and skill can make some truly unique and beautiful items. Use this list of great welding projects to inspire your next (or first!) masterpiece.

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10 Great Welding Projects

1. Welding Table

The chances are that once you discover just what is possible in the world of welding, you’ll never want to stop. In that case, you might as well start out by making yourself a good welding table to use with all your future welding projects.

The guide for this table is simple and straightforward. And all you need are a bunch of straight metal pieces to weld together. Some of them will create the frame of the table, and some of them will create the slats on the top of the table. Those slats will come in handy when you need to clamp a project down. And even though this table is light enough to move around by yourself, it still provides the sturdiness you need in a safe and functional work table.

2. Steel Washer Bowl

You can create a stunning bowl like the one demonstrated in this video in any size and shape you can imagine. Just follow the basic method for fabricating a base into the style you want, or use something you already have that can take the heat. And then just tack washers together over the frame to create your bowl.

You can achieve different looks for your bowl by using the same size of washer rather than mixing them together. Large washers would create a bowl that looks altogether different than a bowl made of small washers. Experiment with different combinations and patterns until you find a favorite. You could also finish the bowl with paint for a bright pop of color rather than burnishing it as shown in the video.

Though the finished product looks really complicated, you could put this bowl together in an afternoon. That makes it a great option for either a gift or an item to sell in your own welding shop. It’s a very economical choice, as it is a beautiful piece you can make for the price of a handful of steel washers and a few hours of your time.

3. Picture Frames

These welding projects of picture frames have a lot of potentials. While they are beautiful in their simplicity, they are also a great starting point for something more ornate, as well. Add a decorative edge with steel washers, tack on some found wrought iron pieces, or create your own additions. Your only limitations are what you can find and what you can think up!

The tutorial for these frames comes in the form of a video. And not only does it demonstrate how to put the front of the project together, but the video also shows how to create a functional backing for the frame, as well. A hinged section allows the frame to be both hung and placed on a table, making this design good for everywhere you need a frame.

4. Spoon Flower

This charming flower is created by tacking the bowls of several spoons to a metal base. The tutorial suggests a bowl of some sort, but any round metal object would work for the center of the bloom. This project is a great way to repurpose all those spoons from your silverware set that is now missing a piece or two. If you don’t want to part with your own collection, you can almost always find mismatched spoons at re-sell stores and garage sales.

Use this tutorial on welding projects as a starting point to create enough different kinds of cutlery foliage to make a stunning garden. Create a multi-layered flower with large spoons on the outside and smaller spoons on the inside. Use knives to make metal blossoms that resemble daisies. Use forks for the sepals. Attach each bloom to a metal stake, and you’ll have a variety of garden decorations to spruce up your flower beds.

5. Outdoors Bench

After you’ve made a bunch of cutlery flowers to decorate your outdoor spaces, make yourself a bench to sit on while you admire them. This great tutorial lists out everything you need to create a comfortable place to relax and even directs you to a video to watch the construction of the project.

Steel tubing and flat stock create a frame on which to affix hardwood slats. Leave the metal bare for an industrial feel, paint it to blend into the landscape, or coat it with a bright color to add a pop to your landscape. No matter how you finish it, this bench will provide you with a great place to enjoy the great outdoors.

6. Lamp Bases

These lamp bases are great examples of a stash buster project. Almost everyone who has put together pre-fabricated furniture has had a spare nut or a couple of bolts leftover. Sometimes you might opt to use different screws than the ones provided. And let’s not even get started on all those hex keys. All those leftovers pile up, never to be used. Never to be used until now, that is.

Use whatever you’ve got on hand to create a unique, mixed-media lamp base, or try to collect enough pieces of the same object for a more uniform look. Just tack together your miscellaneous pieces in an orderly pattern, and you’re set. If design skills aren't your strong suit, copy the model shown in the video. But if creativity strikes, don't be afraid to create your own design. And don’t worry if you don’t already have something to use for a lampshade. A store-bought shade will look just as nice sitting on top of your new base.

7. C-Shaped Tray Tables

Tray tables like these are a popular model, but they can be pretty pricey. And if they don’t fit around your couch just right, they might not be worth the investment. But with some basic welding projects techniques and a few materials, you can make your own in the size and color that will complement your own decor perfectly.

All it takes is a few pieces of steel tubing and whatever material you want to use for the top surface. You could weld on a sheet of steel. Also, you could use a slice from a tree trunk. You could even attach a picture frame for a multi-functional surface. If you start with what you want to use for the top of the table, you can alter the dimensions in this tutorial to fit.

8. Nestled Cube Butcher Block Tables

A set of nestled side tables of your welding projects is a handy thing to have. When you only need one table, the small table slips snugly underneath the larger one. Should you need the second one, it’s easily accessible. And they don’t have to be used only as tables. They make great extra seating when you’re entertaining a crowd.

Steel tubing and butcher block are all you need to create these beautiful tables. If inspiration strikes, you could use something different for the top, like pallet slats or glass sheets. Or just use something you already have and make the steel frame to fit it. And if the industrial look doesn’t fit into your decor, you can easily paint the finished product in whatever color suits you.

9. Turbine Fire Pit Cover

If you want to add a little pizzazz to your fire pit, make this turbine fire pit cover. This unique piece will have your neighbors noticing your welding projects skills, so be prepared to have them place orders for one of their own.

Angled pieces of tapered steel twist out from a central hub to create a topper that will spin from the heat of the fire burning underneath it. If you don’t already have the materials on hand to create this stunning spinner, you can purchase them at your local hardware store. The enjoyment you’ll get from watching your handiwork spin above your fire pit will make the investment well worth it.

10. Car Wheel Bicycle

A bicycle that has the thick tires of a car is a nifty contraption that is sure to turn heads as you ride it down the street. This particular welding projects tutorial modifies key parts of a BMX bike to fit the larger wheels with some steel tubing. You could use any kind of bike that you have on hand, or one you find that suits your taste. You may simply have to adjust the parameters laid out in the tutorial to fit a different style of bike.

If this is a project you'd like to take on, using an existing bike is recommended. There are some very precise parts of a bike that would be quite difficult to manufacture in your garage. If you don’t already have a bike you're willing to part with, start hitting the garage sales and re-sell stores to find one at a low cost. Once you have it all put together, you can paint it whatever color you like and hit the road with your wild new ride.

This list of great welding projects should be enough to keep you busy for several weekends to come. Whether you keep them for yourself, gift them to friends and family or sell them for a profit, you’re sure to enjoy making them.

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Featured image: CC0 Public Domain emirkrasnic via Pixabay

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder, K5126-1
  • Advanced features yet easy to use
  • A great TIG machine for aluminum
  • TIG and stick from one power source

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