Millermatic 141 Review



  • Auto-Set technology
  • Angled aluminum drive system w/ quick select
  • Smooth Start technology
  • Plugs into any household outlet
  • Auto spool gun detect
  • Thermal overload & tip saver protection
  • M-100 MIG gun w/ 10ft lead + 10ft work clamp
  • Includes spool .030″ spool of solid wire
  • Miller True Blue warranty


  • Expensive for an entry level machine
  • Heavy

What’s Good?

Auto-Set technology

MIG welding is often the first kind of welding people learn – it’s straightforward, relatively easy to learn and highly versatile.

The only part that can be tricky is figuring out the output parameters.

Voltages, amps, wire feed speed, material thickness – for a beginner it can be a bit daunting to try to figure it all out.

With Millers Auto-Set technology you no longer have to guess and hope the settings are correct.

All you have to do is set the thickness of the material you’re welding and the size of the wire you’re using and the machine figures out the proper wire feed speed and voltage.

If adjustments are needed (assuming you’re using the same wire) you only have to turn a single knob.

It’ll save you a ton of time and you wont have to risk destroying valuable material while trying to set the correct settings.

We all know how expensive metal can be.

However, if you’ve been welding for a while and know your stuff, the Millermatic 141 can be switched to manual mode allowing you to customize your voltage settings.

millermatic 141

Simple control interface

The control panel on the Millermatic 141 is incredibly easy to understand even in manual mode.

There are two giant dials that you have to consider and both can be easily adjusted while wearing gloves.

Keep in mind that while there are only two dials, they each set different parameters whether you’re using auto-set of manual mode:

Auto-Set – the knob on the left is for setting your material thickness (between 24 gauge and 3/16”) while the knob on the right is for adjusting your wire thickness (.024” or .030”).

Manual Mode – the knob on the left is for the infinite voltage control and the knob on the right is for the infinite wire speed adjustment.

Furthermore, there are two LED lights on the front to keep in mind.

The top light with the image of a thermometer should be obvious, it warns you if your machine is about to overheat.

The light below it indicates whether you are in Auto-set or manual mode.

millermatic 141

Angled aluminum drive system w/ quick select

The wire drive system on the Millermatic 141 is industry leading for a number of reasons.

It’s extremely durable – made from all cast aluminum, it can easily handle the tough demands of todays job sites.

The drive is set at an angle to improve feedability and reduce strain on the wire while being able to accommodate longer MIG guns if needed.

The redesigned quick select drive roll has three groves on a single drive, making the switch between wire diameters seem effortless.

To switch, simply select the groove that matches the wire diameter you’re using and push it in until the pin aligns with the proper setting – .024”, .030/.035” or flux-cored – and you’re ready to weld.

millermatic 141

Smooth Start technology

Another reason why the Millermatic 141 is an industry leader is its Smooth Start technology.

It provides you with a silky smooth starting arc that’s free of annoying pops and splatter.

It’ll save you from having to brush away unnecessary messes and will increase the lifespan of your protective gear by not having it sprayed with molten metal every time you start.

Plugs into any household outlet

With the Millermatic 141 you don’t have to worry about having any special electrical hookups installed to get the maximum amount of power out of it.

It runs on standard 120 volt input power, enabling you to work from pretty much anywhere there’s a power source.

Capable of putting out 140 amps of power this machine is a workhorse despite only needing 120v input, which is the voltage that commonly run through most homes.

With a duty cycle of 20% at 90amps, it’s definitely not a production unit but it’s more than enough for completing most household repairs and small projects.

However if you are looking for a bit more power check out its big brother, the Millermatic 211.

Auto spool gun detect

This machine is a beast when it comes to welding mild and stainless steel using a standard MIG gun.

But did you know it can also weld aluminum?

With the addition of a spool gun, which can be easily attached without tools, the Millermatic 141 becomes even more versatile allowing you to lay down some beautiful looking aluminum beads.

The machine automatically detects the change of guns and adjusts accordingly, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Spoolmate 100

The spool gun used for the Millermatic is the Spoolmate 100 and it’s a fantastic piece of machinery.

Some features include:

12 ft lead gives you increased flexibility and freedom of movement.

Recessed contact tip for easier welding and helps prevent burn back issues.

Dual V-knurled drive rolls for consistent feeding.

Adjustable drive roll tension and pressure lever for easily feeding and changing different types of wire.

Clear spool cover lets you see how much wire you have left without having to stop what you’re doing to check.

Handy carrying case lets you store the gun and lead, nozzle and extra tips for the ultimate in portability.

millermatic 141

M-100 MIG gun w/ 10ft lead + 10ft work clamp

The gun that comes standard with the Millermatic 141 is the M-100.

It is lightweight and ergonomically designed to be able to use all day without hand cramps or fatigue and the 10 ft gun and work clamp allow for optimal maneuverability.

Other features include:

Three-piece nozzle construction helps extend the life of the nozzle by reducing wear and prevents rocking of the nozzle on the contact tip adaptor.

Brass contact tip adaptor prevents galling, sticking and stripping of threads.

Single piece handle is practically indestructible and is able to withstand high-impact.

360-degree rotatable gooseneck allows you to press the trigger using either your thumb or finger.

Thermal overload & tip saver protection

Let’s face it, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and lose track of time when welding and blowing past the recommended duty cycle.

Especially when you’re testing out your new welder.

The last thing you want is for it to overheat and break, costing you hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

The Millermatic 141 has a built in thermal overload protector that activates when the machine gets too hot – whether you exceed the duty cycle or the fan somehow gets blocked.

Additionally if the tip of the gun is ever shorted the machine automatically shuts down to not only extend the life of the tip but also to prevent damage to the internal components.

Miller True Blue warranty

Millers True Blue warranty is renowned throughout the industry as being top notch so if anything goes wrong, you can count on them.

The welder itself has a 3 years parts and labor warranty.

The gun is warranted for 90 days, parts only.

What’s Bad?

Expensive for an entry level machine

While this machine is a great starter welder it pretty expensive for what it is.

If you’re just starting out and not totally sure if you’re going to be using it long term it comes with a pretty steep price tag.

However, if you plan to stick it out for the long haul and use this machine for years to come then it may be worth the investment.

On the bright side, it is a Miller so if you decide you don’t need a welder or if you want to upgrade they tend to hold their value so you could sell it at only a small loss.


For the amount of power it puts out this unit is definitely on the heavy side at 51 lbs, considering its big brother, the Millermatic 211 only weighs 38 lbs.

However, that just mean it uses an older transformer based power source instead of the newer inverter type.

Old school welders will argue that transformers will last longer and are more reliable though, so the extra weight might be worth the trade off.

The Verdict

The Millermatic 141 is a solid entry-level welder that is highly versatile, reliable and packed with plenty of features.

Its Auto-Set technology is forgiving if you’re a new welder who is just getting their feet wet and, when you get more experience, its manual mode allows you to to dial in to the exact requirements needed.

The machine is powerful enough to tackle most household projects and light-duty fabrication and its 120v outlet allows you to plug it in anywhere and start welding.

If you’re in the market for an easy-to-use welder that you can use anywhere the Millermatic 141 is a solid choice.

Specs and Features


Weight: 51 lbs

Size: L20.5″ x W11.25″ x H12.5″

Power Input: 115V

Power Output: 90A

Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90A

Material Thickness: Up to 3/16″ steel

Warranty: 3 year

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Millermatic 141
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