Miller Digital Elite Review

The Miller Digital Elite is one of the best helmets on the market. Miller is legendary when it comes to comfort and the Digital Elite is no exception. It provides superior comfort and adjust-ability making it easy to wear all day without pain. Powered with lithium batteries and a lengthy solar backup this hood will turn on every time. The most talked about feature on the helmet is the X-Mode which electromagnetically senses the arc so the lens will work even if the sensors are obstructed. This helmet provides the most value for the price and will last for years to come.




  • 4 operating modes
  • Lithium batteries with solar assist (up to 3000 hours)
  • 4 premium arc sensors
  • Extremely durable
  • X-Mode feature
  • Intuitive digital controls
  • Super comfortable
  • Extra cover lenses and helmet bag included


  • Not designed for overhead welding
  • Smaller viewing area
miller welding helmets

Whats Good?

4 operating modes

The Miller Digital Elite has four operating modes with different shade ranges capable of handling any welding job you throw at it.

1. Weld – Shade Range #8 – 13
2. Cut – Shade Range #5 – 8
3. Grind – Shade #3
4. X-Mode –  Can be used with shades #8 – 13. Electromagnetically senses the weld arc, eliminating sunlight interference and low-amp lens flashing from blocked sensors, so you can be sure it goes dark every time.

Uses lithium batteries with a solar backup

The helmet comes with batteries so you can use it right out of the box but charging will be required for the solar cell to work, which can hold up to 3000 hours of power. Weld with peace of mind knowing  that your helmet will always work when you need it to. It uses 2 lithium batteries.

Four premium arc sensors

Four sensors means the helmet will auto darken no matter the situation, even it tight spaces. And with a reaction time of .00005 seconds its among the quickest in welding world.

Extremely durable

The Miller Digital Elite meets ANSI Z87.-2003 High Impact Standards so you can weld without worry. Made of high grade industrial plastic this helmet can withstand a beating and its actually rated as one of the most rugged in the industry.

Intuitive digital controls

The controls on the Miller Digital Elite are simple, glove friendly and easy to master. There is a single button to switch between modes so you can adapt to any job. You’ll never go back to an analog controlled helmet again after using this panel.

Helmet bag and extra cover lenses included

Everyone loves extra stuff. With this helmet you get a carrying bag and 7 extra lens covers, 5 outside 2 inside, so your hood will last a long time.

Miller Electric Digital Elite 5

Whats Bad?

 Not designed for overhead welding

Although this helmet is superior is almost every category it’s unfortunately not designed for overhead welding.

Smaller viewing area

The lens is a bit small when compared to other helmets within the same price range but performs just as well.

Miller Digital Elite

The Verdict

We choose the Miller Digital Elite as the helmet that offers the most value for the money. It has all the features of a premium helmet for a reasonable price including the much touted X-Mode feature. As far as comfort goes you wont beat this helmet, Miller is well know for having some of the most comfortable helmets out there and this one continues the trend. Overall we think the Miller Digital Elite is a fantastic helmet. They even throw in 7 extra lens covers and a carrying bag to ensure you’ll have this helmet for a long time.

Specs and Features


Auto Darkening: Yes

Viewing Field: Width 3.85″ x 2.38 Height

Shade Range: DIN 3, 5 – 8/ 8 – 13

Reaction Time: .00005 seconds

Weight: 18 oz (482g)

Sensors: 4

Power source: Lithium batteries with solar power back up

Warranty: 3 years

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Miller Digital Elite
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